Have you played any Youtubers?

In 2k15 I played Cash in that Sapphire AI tourney and it was actually in a video he won tho

Ive played Lospollos alot also and made Gento rage quit last year

Also have played RushTV hes the homie, Im curious though have you guys played anyone on youtubers ??

No but a got my ass whoop by @Pedronqneves in tto


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Was before I joined this site watched a dribble video he put on here and his psn gave me cold sweats​:face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:

I’ve played RJ Watts, Tydebo, and Shirogohan.

I played even with Watts for 3 quarters and then he cheesed me with Dino in the 4th.
Tydebo flooded me.
I beat Shiro twice…

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I lost to DBG lowering overall cheese. Hahahahaha



I made Party Pete rage quit in TTO a couple years ago

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I’ve played RJWatts, JakeMason, Richy, YBC, Carlosstory, Smoohv. Beat all of them except RJ which i lost to in the single time I’ve played him. Played all the other ones multiple times. Richy has the worst sportsmanship easily.

@Percyhawk has played Chris Smoove like 3 times and is in 2 of his videos and has also played Troydan. I swear this guy has best luck lol

Played Denverstruck in TTO and he rage quit after I got up 12-4 on him. Played HTB in MTU once.

no one from north america surprisingly but a couple small guys from eu. one spanish guy i faced multiple times and ive lost every time by 2 in tto

I beat CarlosStory earlier this year when he was doing a PD Bill Russel gameplay.

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I’ve played caldy twice and I played troydan earlier in the year. That game was…weird

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didnt u make a post about how he didnt show the box score or the score of the game to make it look like russell was great or was that someone else

always wanted to play Smoove my homeboy played him in madden and Smoove rage quit lol … still my Goat as far as Youtube games goes tho

Yah. He didn’t show the box score every throughout the whole gameplay at at the end he talked about how Bill destroyed Tim even though Tim blocked him 6 times and Bill shot 19-44.

i played tydebo once and got dropped

and played grinding df and lost by like 18 or some shit

I beat Carlosstory, big C richy (played him like 5 times)Shake, Troydan.

Lost to all the tourney guys I can’t remember their names.

Side note I’ve played Quavo, Fatboy SSE or whatever it is, and 50KMal in Park and lost to them all LOL

In 2k19