Have you ate today series!

People are sooooo hilarious online, constantly reaching on inbounds. Like, the hell, is your family starving or something is on the line and you reaching like a rabid dog ? They never steal it, it’s just hilarious to see it.

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I message kids I’m beating halfway through the game to tell them it’s hurting them in D for the zero they’ve gotten

To get one steal for that effort its some funny stuff :laughing::joy::joy:

It’s honestly a habit

Idk who started this stupid shit. It’s just annoying and leaves your defense at risk.

Sideline steal cheese works a lot if you’re on your own basket defensively. Stealing inbound passes after a made basket works against me once every 3-5 games but 10 times more often i score on a 5on4 or 4on3 advantage so I’m not sure why they still try.