Have the pink diamond rewards become obsolete?

With the Anniversary series 2 featuring all the heavy hitters , I find it really hard to spend the tokens I have accrued on the pink diamond board . It doesn’t look like the board will be updated , the GO board is not exactly tempting.

I haven’t reedemed any pink diamonds yet and am planning on using a part of the token to get the other rewards to get my collector level up , saving the rest for some token market drops.

Wise decision ??

Save in case they drop more token rewards then

You need the pds to get the go’s. if you plan on gettung someone from there then you might aswell go for it

I am personally still using my first two PDs - Mutombo and Stockton.

Imo there still isnt a better rim protector than Mt.Mutombo. Plus he is super viable on offense too this year.
Stockton is a personal choice, but I returned to him after I didn’t like Arenas. Love those steals, HOF Dimer and his wrist shot.


Yeah but I dont see myself going that far to get them coz I know they gonna release some good cards in the next few weeks /months

Is there a comparable card stats wise to Dikembe?

I don’t see anyone being better than Mutombo unless maybe they drop a better Wilt (or you get the GO). Loved Mutombo’s Amy and know his Pd would be great but I don’t like the idea of locking so much MT

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I dropped 30 in the first half with PD Pierce just now their still relevant

GHill still effective at pg don’t run him anywhere else

Tim still a great big man can run the 5 effectively and has a shot

Stockton too short and his hof stopper doesn’t work on anyone over 6’5

Pierce people like him, has a slow release and may struggle

Dikembe still a great rim protector and rebounder


I wouldn’t spend MT to lock sets for tokens at this point. But if you already have the necessary tokens, I don’t see what else you would save them for.

Grant hill, Duncan, and pierce are definitely usable. They may be outclassed soon, but not by too big of a margin.

Mutumbo and Stockton are a little more outdated. Kareem, Ralph, and Hakeem are all better than Mutumbo. Stockton will get bullied online by all the Magic’s and AKs running around at point.

Defensive stopper also works one position up regardless of height, right? So although most people seem to be running forwards or really tall guards it should help against all guards and guys like Baylor/Hondo. Or was I misinformed when I asked last week?

Right now I am only looking at GHill as a viable first choice for the PD , but the rate at which they are releasing cards , I am afraid I will regret it

It works one up and one down. But in the case of PGs it’s only up so he only effects pg/Sg and up to 4 inches taller than him. Which would still mean his stopper doesnt effect magic


GHill is still a great card I would get him and maybe Tim by everyone else will be replaced

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Mutombo best defensive C bar non.


Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up. Figured it could affect anyone within the height requirement regardless of position. Didn’t realize it had to be up or down one position and within the height difference.

That’s some bs that Magic’s Defensive Stopper won’t work against someone cheesing forwards at point tbh

currently using mutumbo over hakeem in TTO… my bad those are both rewards :rofl:

These topics are always confusing. I never understand why people think their old cards will all of a sudden be unable to do anything as new cards come out. I know 2k wants people to think like that so they spend more but I hoped people would be smarter than that.


i wouldnt be surprised if they drop a pd carmelo anthony on the 24th of january for his 61 point game


the diamond dwight howard is comparable