Have half a million mt ready to go for kobe

Wii It be enough?

Not sure especially with AD so expensive Kobe I think will be 500k+

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For the limited? He’s going to be minimum 600-700k for a while.

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Did AD go up?

Well it was nice knowing you jerseys lol. Have 100g left to make on remaining heat check cards but will have to sell jerseys to get the other 100gs

He’s 350k+ and with Kobe being such a hype card he’ll be super expensive


If Gilberto was 550k, kobe will be at least 750k


The hype with kobe will keep his price high for a while

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After I sell jerseys I’ll have a million mt. Will be able to get limited one

There’s no sig series confirmed I’d wait

go kobe coming in this anni set. Remember that yall



What’s the other GO in Series 2?

Wouldn’t drop 500K the Diamond last year plummeted. They will release 5 more versions.


What’s the difference betwwen the anniversary and others?

They comin for that vc. Ad ends on Tuesday. Hoping they don’t throw a curve ball and drop Shaq. Technically he would be a “big” drop.

Hey should be quite expensive for obvious reasons

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Well if that signature ltd is limited to 999- expect 1m+ . Less Gilberts than Kareem so… I’m expecting a real low number.


Anything less than 500 Kobe’s and I’m dropping that BAG for him

If Lebron’s anniversary card is a galaxy opal then it might go for 1 to 2 mil range. Kobes limited card is gonna fall around 800 k and maybe settle at 600 k. I’ll have 2 mil mt by the time Lebron’s anniversary card is in packs and I’m likely to buy vc to try to pull him in the first few hours. I figure as hard as it will be to get an Opal, the drop rates will be sluggish for sure.