Have around 600k mt selling xbox one

i have about 600k mt after i sell everything amount could change depending on the market atm
i have created a pay pal but need to link a card before i can sell. im on xbox one and the price is up for negotiation

might take a few days seeing as i dont have a visa atm but will acquire one

will not go first seeing as im the seller so dont bother asking

why i am selling is because i have go bored with the game and feel like buying a nice pair of nmd

nmd suggestions for und 200 would also be appreciated


Without a rep page or vouches from trusted members of this forum, you should not be unwilling to go first.

To all who are interested in buying from him, do not go first unless he provides concrete proof of legit transactions or a full reputation page / list of vouches. Contact such vouches to verify his validity. Otherwise, I suggest staying away from doing business with him.

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sorry this is my first time selling but im trying to avoid scammers or people who fluff around if i see a name i know really well i might go first but in most cases im going 2nd

You have to go first with no reputed vouchers. Who’s got more to lose people with real money or people with virtual currency?

in most cases the buyer goes 2nd thats normally what happens with only a few execptions ie big names huge amounts of rep

I have a huge amount of rep and can prove it to you but your asking price is too steep. $30/100 is $5 over market right now and I actually have to buy lower than market so that I can resell to other users.

A real life Heisenberg, huh?

HutHeisenberg92 is my Discord name. When it comes to NHL nobody has sold more than me or produced more coins than me :slight_smile: That’s why I got the name.

This Thread is not about me, so lets not go off topic here :wink:

U buy at what 23 and sell at 28?

So question since you talk about HUT a lot… how is it now?? I checked it out last year and wanted to get into it but the limited legends/Classic players available kinda turned me off. Have they increased the available legends in the game? Using classic players is what draws me to these game modes but HUTs missing guys like Lemieux, Gretzky, Orr, or Howe

Numbers are numbers & depend on the market (supply & demand). If your buying in bulk then you typically pay less than market value anyway. But I think a 15%-20% mark up is fair.

Not really many good legends name wise except Pavel Bure, Mike Bossy, Modano, Messier ect are in the game. No Lemieux, Gretzky, Lindros, Howe ect unfortunately. They do love to make everyone 99 in the game lol. Even reward top players in competitive season with 99 platinum legend cards. There is only 1 card of each, rewarded to the top player for corresponding season. This year wasn’t a good year gameplay wise. Most players hate the game compared to last year’s game. Sales were a lot better last year that’s for sure. Also they decided to bring in the Fifa guys to start getting gamers banned for breaking TOS. So many Sellers have been out of business because of the huge losses in money. I’ve been doing a safe transfer all season long which has kept me in business and keeps customers buying. I lot of my customers from last year have not bought coins this year because of the bans too. EA was pretty ban free before this year in NHL.

Is there a 99 Datsyuk?

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No I don’t believe so. They did more with Datsyuk last year that’s for sure. The platinum 99s are very rare so I really haven’t been paying too much attention to which ones are available. I buy evos and Toty players for customers.

Actually there is no Datsyuk at all lol.

No Yzerman???

Nope lol, seriously the game sucks this year. Totally pathetic tbh lol.

The 99 Lidstrom and 99 Shanny are the platinum cards.

I would like to apologise to ben_ben for making a mess of his thread. Its gone so far off topic.

I bet you’d also like to get your hands on a Sergei Fedorov huh? Maybe a Chris Osgood or even a diamond Scotty Bowman coach card lol