Have any of your players been injured this year?

I was playing a game of unlimited and my Trevor Ariza got injured in the first 3 minutes of the game after going 4/4 from 3 and being up 8-20 at the end of the first smh.
Have any of your players been injured before this year? This is my first injury on myteam since 2k18.

Now the algo switched and I’m getting cooked smfh.
We ended up lagging out of the game in the 2nd quarter and now I’m 1-4 in the emerald tier on unlimited. Pain lol.

Seen a post on reddit that a player gets injuried after a long while - don’t remember but it was more like every 200th game up to 600.

My Gary Payton GO injured his elbow in 2k20

yooo this is cursed lmaooo. I read it and instantly said in my head damn its been a while but I see one weird injury every year but never on my guy and MY DAME GETS INJURED WHEN HAS 50 IN THIS DOM CHALLENGE. pray for me

Why did I read the tittle as in: have any of YOU guys have been injured? Is it just me or anyone else :joy:I

Just you :joy:

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Yup my kenny Smith got injured after a screen from Laimbeer. Suspicious lol

Eddy Curry PD injured his elbow last year for me. Learned to never use a three man rotation again lol

Bam took an injury this year for me but only that game, didn’t need any injury cards he was good to go next game.

Last year I had demarcus cousins go down with something rediculous and the injury length was like 150 games

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What? The healing time can be so long?

I think it was extreme, not usually. In the hsitroy of 2k I’ve only had one like that, the rest have been 5 games or so

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Yeah Idk why don’t they just remove the injury cards from the game if they’re so rare anyways. I have had I think 2 injuries in 2k20 and neither of them needed injury cards.

They need the injury cards as filler for packs. Otherwise they would have to give you something worthwhile


Howell got injured in unlimited after getting pushed by rik smiths

My Magic got hurt almost every other game it felt like last year

Zion has been injured 3 times and my free agent amare was injured once.

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How do you know which part of the body is injured? It doesnt say.

when they get injured in the game, press pause and go to the injury report

I used a Free Agent card that got injured first play of the game. Thats a wasted contract.

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