Have alot of people pull mpj or locked for bol bol?

For the people that opened packs, did yall pull mpj because he is one the hardest card to pull out the set. You would pull a invisible card before seeing mpj. Now his price went back up again.and Is it alot of people locked for bol bol as well. I told myself since karl malone back in 2k20 that I would never lock in a set every again. I did good till this point.

I had to buy MPJ, got one with Blinders on Friday for 700k before he went back up, then back down, then back up.

I knew Bol Bol was gonna be one of, if not the, best card(s) in the game, so I wanted to lock for him ASAP.

Yea I heard so many good things about him with no negativity from anybody. I sold invisible Giannis and locked in for bol bol after Giannis wasn’t that game changer for me. I rather use his pg version. But bol bol is elite and here to stay.

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I pulled MPJ in one pack. Sold right away.

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I locked Bol but only because I pulled 2 MPJs, Kareem, and Rose. Sold one MPJ and the two invincibles so locking Bol was a no-brainer for me. He’s the fastest card on the game with the ball and he is a demon in passing lanes. I ran his PD into the ground. Also If the Jokic lock isn’t too much I may run a Nuggets squad to close the year out. Hopefully Melo is an Idol and we can kill two birds with one stone.

It’s 2K2Bol this year.