Have 900k mt need help

Need help building a team

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Sell it and don’t look back lol


Came to say this exact thing. Lmao

sell it and stop playing this mode 100% best option

Since nobody has answered your question I would recommend running a 5 man lineup. I would personally recommend Stockton, Klay, Giannis to get started. You don’t even need an expensive C to be competitive in this game yet. I’ve been running ruby JJJ and he does fine in a 5 man. Can’t go wrong with KAT or someone like that either. No need to spend all your MT. Get a solid 5 and sit on the rest.


If u sell it, it’s the best option lol
Otherwise, snipe Stockton and Duncan for 100/150k badged up possibly.
Then build around that

If you need a good team right now (to go after online rewards or smth) then build as good of a team you can. I can’t recommend any players because I don’t play 2k21. But if you don’t need a great team right now, just use the MT to snipe and build more MT to eventually buy an even better team when you need it. Or just try to stay ahead of the curve and sell high priced players just before their price drops. It means being pretty engaged with the game tho, all the time.

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Sell it to me and never look back lol

I would buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari with that .