Have 500k to improve Lineup, need advice

Any advice? I could also sell Jabbar and get around 300k mt more

Be careful selling in this climate… Had a Kareem go for sub 200k a few hours ago.

Yea but like has infinite contract and blue Curry

Are you losing games or just tired of playing with the same cards?

I am winning most, but I feel like I could have an even better team. So I’m asking you guys if you can see somewhere where I can improve

You got to pink diamond last season, I think you’ve got the best team you can get and a good player. Unless you wanna try some new cards then do it, I’m having fun switching cards around and trying them. I get bored quickly lll

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Is PD Durant really different? Or is he the same that the 98

You have hakeem, don’t be another kinsman and waste 250-300K+ MT on basically one badge upgrade from 98 KD to 99 KD (no offense to him; just sayin’). Also, if you believe the effects of EQ, PD KD could actually end-up hurting your team, vice helping.

If I were you, I’d sell Baron and pick-up Diamond Magic and also replace Jimmy buckets with Diamond Kawhi.

If you’re partial to Wilt, I’d sell Malone, and then move KAJ to PF (Wilt + KAJ, nobody is going to score inside).

If you’re partial to both Wilt and malone, I’d sell KAJ, and try to pick-up PD Magic (you’d likely have enough MT, but it’s just a matter of if you could actually find one or not).

If you run 3P plays, Diamond Bird + Speed/SWB shoe is a definite upgrade over D Jimmy too. Kawhi is better if you don’t run plays though, IMO.

Diamond KAT at PF is much better than Karl, IMO. Legit 7’0" with an awesome release (+ HoF Catch-&-Shoot). He’s expensive AF, but he’s sooo worth it. Basically a Diamond Joel on steroids. He’s always my best bench player.

Baron has been doing it really good for me. Jimmy is good on D but is offense is a bit rusty so I might change him

Wilt is very very strong, and Malone has low curry so he is a 99 and very hard to guard

PD Magic is out of the question. I tried him out and I got equalized the shit out of me. He couldn’t make a layup after 2 games

Bird sounds good, maybe I’ll get him too

Kat doesn’t look really good compared to my Malone with shoes

KAT is still 3" taller, with HoF Catch & shoot. When Hot (very easy for him), all of his rebounding, offensive, and defensive stats essentially get capped-out at 95-99 anyways. If you run a switch-all (& with your budget/current lineup, I’d argue that you should), he’s unquestionably better (can legit guard 1-5; whereas Malone, due to his height, will get exposed by the elite Centers of the world). A legimate argument could be made for KAT being the absolute best Center (or PF) in the game (ask anyone who’s ever owned him). The same just can’t be said for Karl Malone (not that he’s still not incredible). Also, if you pick-up KAT, locking in PD KG wouldn’t be that much more expensive. If youcan time his shot down (I’d recommend practicing in 2KU’s freestyle mode first), he’s unquestionably the best PF I never the game (FIFTEEN HoF badges: at 6’11").

Diamond Magic with red Kyries or grey Kobe’s is 100% better than Baron. 6" height helps SO much on offense and defense (especially if you’re running a switch-all). His dunking is so underrated this year. He wams on defenders just like LBJ, except he doesn’t get those unnecessary, fancy blockable dunks.

Diamond Larry (+ speed/SWB shoe) is definitely better than Jimmy buckets. Like I said though, if you don’t run 3P plays, then pick-up Diamond Kawhi (a tad better on D, and much better onoffense) instead.

I’ll grab PD Durant just to try him

You already have Hakeem though… That’s so much MT for something that may niteven be an upgrade (considering the likely increased effects of EQ). It’s basically 350K+ for 2 badges going from Gold to HoF. Despite the fact that the prices are likely going to continuously drop, you’ll still automatically lose 10% if you sell him back.

If you found PD Magic to be to EQ-heavy (which is a relatively massive increase over the Diamond, unlike PD KD), why would you think PD Durant would be any different?

Your lineup is similar to mine. Here’s what I’m going with now: http://2kmtcentral.com/18/lineups/484102/ttp

One weakness for your lineup is that you don’t have a guy on your bench to run 3 point plays through. I’d recommend removing Malone, moving Giannis to your starting lineup, and then getting Bird to be your bench SF (or you could move Porzingis to the starting lineup instead and use Bird as your bench PF, where he might be better suited).

I also just got Kobe a few hours ago and moved TMac to the bench but haven’t tried it out yet. You could use part of the 500k to get either Kobe or Kawhi to replace Jimmy.

I keep Baylor in as 11th man because I have an infinite contract on him (I’d probably use Jimmy over him if mine had the diamond contract). I use him occasionally for last possession defensive situations, especially if others are fatigued.

Another way you could improve is to make sure that all of your guys are fully badged out if they aren’t.

I tried him out and honestly he is a little better in shooting, don’t know why, better at dunking, and way better on defense. Where the 98 is not that much of a good defender, the 99 is maybe one of the best in the game for 1-3