Have 230k and need suggestions

i keep petrovic and moore in because of low salary on both

i have been eyeing westbrook or PD harden to replace lonzo and put lonzo where west is

leave any suggestions! thanks !

D Magic instead of simmons? :slight_smile:

Instead of pd lonzo

i dont have pd lonzo so i dont know how good/bad he is.

i just replaced my simmons with Magic and haven’t regretted it at all!

Ruby J.R. Smith.

Oh i see, i guess my point was that pd lonzo is deffs the weaker of his two point gaurds i feel he is over valuing him, jerry west, russ, simmons and magic are better imo

yeah okay i understand now haha

have you tried 97 russ?

Nah i have 95 russ with infi contracts and shoes but thinking about replacing him with that diamond zeke its a tough call, if i had 97 russ i wouldnt consider replacing him tho.

yeah ok, think I’m gonna try out 97 Russ. just hoping his price gonna drop within the next week or two.