Have 2.3 million MT can I reach GO Board?

So I really want worthy…I’m only 6 cards into the diamond board without locking in current and heat checks or throwbacks. Is it doable? Haha probably not? A man can dream maybe just save the MT

HC Set 2M - 2.5M = 750 Tokens

wait til new token drop before you spend the tokens — should be soon & better than worthy

we’re at a point in the cycle where 2k needs to drop highly desirable cards to keep interest

But is it possible to get the tokens with this MT?

Yes if you buy and lock collections:

Current = 600 tokens / 20 per team
HC = 750 tokens / 25 per team
Throwbacks = 450 tokens / 15 per team
Earned Jersey = 40 tokens
City Jersey = 30 tokens


You think those GO’s are worth the MT??

I locked 2M MT for wilt 100% worth it.

However I think you should use that MT to upgrade your team.
Cards are released closer and closer to a GO Power every week,
maybe at playoffs an Auctionable GO Card will be available.

Unless you are desperate for a GO Card like I was.

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I literally have every good auctionable card rn in the game haha. I have GO Blake…GO CP3, all the cards that go with those sets. I have PD Oscar too haha.

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Okay then lock in for GO. I hope we get the 4th reward this month. :smile:

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You can reach GO Opal but wont have enough for one

Or maybe I should just wait for GO Shaq? As I want those 3000 tokens


oh yeah that’s a good plan too but too long of a wait?

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you’ll be waiting til june-july :hot_face: