Have 150k. Need a PG, SG and PF (Details inside) Help appreciated!

Bought stockton a few days ago with my last 75k. Loved him, but had to sell once his value skyrocketed. Now I’m on my very last 150k, and I’m not spending any more money. My team is looking pretty solid. Here is my lineup

This is what I’m looking for at each position:

Starting PG: Passing, Defense, Can shoot wide open. I don’t need a slasher like Westbrook as I already have D rose, and I like to balance my lineup.

Bench SG: Shooting, Dunking. as my bench doesn’t have a true shooter. Used to have Ray Allen, would like someone like him, or him back but i don’t think I can afford him with the other 2 holes. Also would like a little more defense, as his surroundings are D rose (defensive black hole) and Paul George who is good but not great.

Bench PF: Absolutely Stretch Big, Had porzingis but i sold him because it didnt feel right. Thinking of getting Mchale, just because a 98 w more then 10 HOF badges for like 40k? Sign me up. But i R E A L L Y need a big who can shoot 3’s, because out of my 4 Big men slots available on my team. Their collective Open shot 3 is like a 90.

Would really appreciate anyone who took this time to read this and give me a few suggestions, also anyone who has tried mchale and can vouch for him. Im not a huge fan per say, but like i said, his price is insanely low.

Thanks again.

EDIT NOTE: I have also been considering Tony Parker and Ginobili DD, Would move D rose to starter and run them at the bench, so if someone can say anything about those two, that would be great.

I would go w/ west, mchale, and either julius erving or artest. These seem to fit all of your needs in budget

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Damn, I was thinking about Artest and putting him at the 2, That would be some solid D. Hm…


Drop Rodman, add McHale (130K Left)
Pick up Amy Worthy (110K Left)
Buy Oladipo (60K Left)
Buy diamond Artest (30K Left)

Oladipo - TMAC - Melo - Worthy - D12
Rose - Artest - PG13 - McHale - Shaq

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Thats a pretty valid point, However I really wanted to try and use all of my favorite players of all time this year, as I feel like you might as well with how the game is going, and my Top 5 fav are D rose, Mcgrady, Melo, Rodman, and Howard, so I don’t really wanna drop him.

additionally though, I may make that move regardless as economically, its pretty smart

Maybe just put tmac at PG and get starks for sg. Also I wouldn’t use rodman and dwight together, thats just too much incentive for ur opp to off ball the whole game or play zone lol.

bench sg maybe dr J, amy KD, derozan

Aldridge for the pf

He only has 1 floor general in his starting 5 right now though, if he doesn’t add another TMAC won’t get the positive boosts of another floor general.

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Man I really wouldve loved to keep my stockton I just couldn’t resist making that 70k profit. You think I need another primary scorer like T-Mac? or a floor general like CP3/Stockton/ ETC

Melo and TMAC are plenty enough primary scoring. Just make sure to have one of them at the floor at all times and run things through them.

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