Hate to admit when I'm wrong

Pulled a second harden last night decided to pick up go kobe also… both of these cards are amazing… no problem with the jumper, great defense on both, obviously people can spin off harden but I’ll tell you what these two cards are offensive monsters… suggest them to all who have no issue with running traditional guys


Where were you wrong ?


Is Hardens shot any faster than it was?

I am wondering the same thing haha! Too much 2k :slight_smile:

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I hate the fact that in 2k “ harden isn’t good” is an actual common, and sorta true, thought.

I ran Harden for a couple of games of TTO to try and see what his takeover was . . . Never got to takeover, hate using him.


Nope it’s slower than ever…As far as shooting ability he plays nothing like real Harden because of slow release. He will get contested quicker than most players would in this game, Curry, AK, Worthy, KD etc because of the slow release. Everything else about the card is solid. They really should have gave him a faster jumper

I’m assuming that he’s referring to everyone yesterday who claimed Harden would be obsolete

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I disagree with most ppl here. The way that harden surpasses his defender when they on ball on you is unique. Animations cover so much space and human eye can’t follow the motion easily. He is actually the only guy that can create his own jumpsot

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Plus it feels better of than mj in my eyes. Smoother passes and alleys.

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What’s Harden selling for on average?

Was 300k ps4 an hour ago.

@ismith111 what takeovers are you getting? share the combo sir.

Just assuming with the slow releases that these cards weren’t gonna be able to make the actual squad they are nice

My best advice for anyone looking to get GO Harden is to take him into TTO, and learn his animations, and how to pick and choose your spots for shots. Teaches you the spacing needed. Otherwise, he can cook.

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Harden can’t be used in tto, but he excels in other areas his moving shot is unrealistically consistent, creating space to get to the rack and drawing a foul…

You don’t think he can be used in TTO? :thinking:

He’s better there than MTU. He excels in ISO

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I’ve been using cards like Giannis and worthy for way too long he’s not in their tier of dribbling but still solid

Harden’s a top 5 ISO player by far y’all are tripping he’s made for TTO
I don’t think I lost a single TTO game when I had the 98 PD Harden I can’t imagine how deadly the GO is

In case you didn’t know you can check anyone’s takeovers in a game by tapping L1 on PS4 and LB on xbox. I actually didn’t realize this until months of playing the game.