Has this round of unlimited been easier or harder for you this month?

Which round has been harder for you?

Round one was stupid easy for me. Got 12-0 with a ruby / sapph squad second day after the release destroying everyone.

This time i failed first time, went 11-1 playing against a lot of sweaty diamond / pd god squads. Second try was easier few diamond reward squads and mostly amys.

I only had to reset once at 9-0. 12 up 12 down next try. First one took a little longer as I was still experimenting with players and playbooks

It took me one try to get Finley in the first week after the release. Now it’s a bit harder. Had to reset at 10-0 today after some 2k bs.

I’m at a very relaxed 3 day 8-0 rn. I dont think I have ever won anything 12 times in a row, so typing this is probably gonna result in an L


It’s about the same for me. Currently 8-0. Just taking it slow. Hopefully will get to 10-0 tonight and finished the last two tomorrow.

I went 12-0 first try last round in the first week of the game release and didn’t touch ultimate for a month. I’m currently 6-0 but the games have been much tougher. I haven’t matched anyone that doesn’t really know what they’re doing out there.

I take back what I said. I just lost to some 5-out offballing cheeser. I got outrebounded, missed open 3s against his zone, and just got beat by 5-out. Kinda frustrating, but here we go again…

Next time you detect zone post up and have someone cut to the basket. Seems to work.

I was getting open 3s and just clanking them left and right. Definitely felt a bit scripted, but it isn’t what it is.

Played 2 more games and am 2-0.

Harder lol

Every 2 games I win, I get hit with a Diamond God squad to fight against

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Both rounds were easy, just last game of each round for prize was rigged to the bone.


Keep going 6,7-0 and then lose, so frustrating


This round has been easier. Went 12-0 first try while matching up with 94+ overall teams. Last game was really tough, but all the others were blowouts by 15+ points or quits.