Has This Community Lost its Ability to Debate?

I’m just going to put this out there.The level of arrogance is at an all time high right now. Every thread usually ends with someone saying something close to: “You’re fucking wrong, it’s hilarious” or “Do you even watch basketball?” And yes, I am directly quoting some users and debated listing them out but decided not to in order to keep this thread open.

Is it an ego thing? Are we all so arrogant that we can’t accept others’ opinions anymore? Is taking personal jabs at people a requirement to reinforce your point?

Not gonna lie, the vibe created from all this has discouraged me at times from even participating in some convos so I can only imagine how others new to this community might feel.

Just wanted to get everyone’s two cents that’s all.


It’s all about WINNING.

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This ain’t it chief

Debating. Pfft yall need to grow up




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Lol winning what?


Petravork reminds me socmuch of dasher haha

I’m a masterdebator… Yeah I said it…

Do you even watch debates? Fuck

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Got kicked out of 7th grade history class for saying this lol

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another classic thread cometh

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Petravork is a little of column A and column B

Sounds familiar


Lonzo is Jason Kidd 2.0

@discobot fortune, don’t I always debate in a professional and respectful manner?

:crystal_ball: It is certain


do you even watch basketball? :joy: argument over

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