Has anyone used Diamond Gervin?

thinking of picking him up as my back up 3 to replace amy pg13.

My current lineup is

Amy Baron, Diamond MJ, 97 Bron, Malone, Diamond Yao

My bench would be
a pg to be determined, 97 Kobe, Diamond Gervin, Amy jerry Lucas, and Diamond Gilmore

unless y’all have better suggestions for the bench.

Gervin is bad. Like awfully bad

for real? how so?

He’s my starting point guard and he’s basically unguardable with the Gilmore duo. He has great animations, a nice release, and he gets to the line more than any other player I have used this year. I would definitely recommend that you pick him up as your backup pg and either keep PG13 or pick up diamond Ron artest

is he not good at the 3?

I’m sure he’s fine but since everyone runs guys like Lebron or Giannis at the 1 I prefer Gervin there. With the duo he is probably great at the three but I personally liked the combo of Gervin and Artest more than any true point guard and Gervin

gotcha. I may do that then. i need a pg as is. I thought about stockton too.

If you don’t take 3pt shots with him he’s unguardable, I just don’t know how I couldn’t shoot 3’s with him. His release feels clean but still misses. I need that reliability but like I said on another post, he has no shooting badges and that may matter

even with a diamond 3 point shoe?

Open corner 3 with the duo and a gold open shoe which made it a 99 open but no badges. I was 20-30 percent from three, I’ve never played him with corner specialist/deep range/Dimer tho. If that makes a difference then he’s a better dr j

hmm okay that’s something to think about. not a deal breaker. well see.

I personally haven’t had shooting issues with him but I could just be getting lucky. The best part is that he’s like 35-40k on PS4. Him and McHale might be the best value cards in the game

oh shit for real. I didn’t know he was that low. it’s kind of a no brainer then.

Yeah I agree, he’s worth getting to try atleast. U might love him, I wanted to so bad, but I’m not an inside guy as I usually run more plays for open shots