Has anyone use PD Nurkic?

How is he? he looks pretty damn good especially for the price.

Insert reverend Bullwinkle

I don’t get it.


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To me he looks like a taller Ben Wallace without the speed and dunking ability, but better post scoring. Just a solid rim protecter that can get boards, and score off of simple post moves.

Whats the price at?

He goes for about 55-60k last time I checked on PS4

So he should be 50k on Xbox, might cop low-key, his defense looks godly, especially with the pick pocket and rim protector on hof

Yeah, but it’s hard to utilize the pick pocket, because most bigs just post up and score off of pick and rolls/fades. I’m sure in some situations the badge may be useful though.

U might aswell go artis gilmore.

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I appreciate this logo more lol

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I have Artis now. i was thinking about selling him for Nurkic. Just dont know if its worth it or not.

You real. This is the remix. Made a small fortune from these shirts👍

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When guys run to the rim trying to dunk I can use it, or right after a offensive rebound

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The only thing he has over him is the badges and im unsure how effective they are on him.

He’s kind of interesting to me because of his strong passing Ratings and I like to play Princeton Chin and also Knicks Playbook.

In the Knicks Playbook, Punch Knicks and Punch 5 both have off-ball flare screens for 3pt shooters on strong side, while the 5 posts up.

And I think it’s Give Knicks that has a weird loop cut by initial ballhandler to go down to baseline and give a pindown screen for the play target to then run up center and loop around the 5 and be available to hit for a 3pt shot.

Right now, I think it’d be Nurkic and Jokic with best passing, and Nurkic has the legit defense and rebounding.

But neither have HoF Dimer, so I probably wouldn’t even really want to try this Nurkic unless under 40K, at most.

And just wait for Sabas or Walton.


I missed one about 30 mins ago for 37k.

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There’s been a lot been listed for 40-43k. A little more expensive but popping up frequently for me on ps4.

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For his price he looks like a good pickup. But if you have the MT to get someone that’s a high end card (ie PD Sampson, Kareem, Dwight, etc.) then they’re better to go after

I have kaj. I ended up sticking with Gilmore for the bench.