Has anyone tried PD Roy ar the 3?

How do you think he’ll do there?

Imagine running in to webber, Blake or giannis :skull_and_crossbones:


Rather run him at 1 or 2.

IMO just feels small for SF, feel like he’d get bullied

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I just went back to amethyst Hedo Turkoglu today and started him at sg on my God Sqaud and omg this man doesn’t miss. I dropped 32 points with him in the 1st game. Honestly Hedo has to be the best value in the game and a certified top 5 card. I don’t even think Danny Granger is better. … And regarding B roy he is best at the sg position are point guard. Sg he would be great as catch and shoot and should be able to defend. As a sf he will be easily abused by bigger fowards.

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He’d get abused.

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