Has anyone noticed the token rewards for packs is closed?

I checked them last night to see if they update them and it says closed. Maybe well finally get some decent packs.

I wanna see some Player Releases for sale in Tokens.


Yeah that would be nice. At the very least current packs. There’s tons of potential with what they could do if they wanted to.

It is like that for three weeks. Maybe not all the time, but I didnt see it open for a long time.

I think it was briefly open a few days ago but closed for the most part the last 2 weeks.

Yeah it was open last week. all old throwback packs. I hope this isnt a sign of things to come with 2k not upgrading the rewards.

I just waiting for the special players in the token market as they promised.


How many tokens u guys have? I have 370. I made it to ruby tier but now I think that was a mistake. Waste of tokens…

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I wouldn’t mind seeing those day in history packs from tto on there

  1. I’m 1 Diamond away from the PD Market
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38 lol. I cant resist the mt lol

Lol I made it to PD and completed them … I hope I didn’t make a mistake!

I have 16 tokens. I’m in pd market but dont have enough for nobody yet.

Sitting on 40 tokens

2 diamonds way from PD market

Sadly losing interest