Has anyone grinded over 200k XP this season?

As this season has been ridiculously easy to get XP I’m wondering who has the most?

Please post photos with proof!

I’m up to 173k without doing most of the online agenda’s.

Show ur account @EuroStep

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It’s dudes who got Ty Lue after DM JR with 300k+ exp

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Yeah I have about 230K (without Ty Lue) .


197650 xp, no ty lue. Hit level 40 same weekend the melo idols packs dropped. This season has been a joke xp wise

Some of the extra xp (like 25% of it) should be transferred to the next season. Would be nice :cold_face:

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I support this idea. No ulterior motive… :joy:

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That would be so sick no cap cos im literslly running out of shit to do here

I’m about 10,000 XP away from 400,000. I’m at work so no screenshot now.

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Did u get Ty?


Bruh why didn’t you take a bit of a break after you got JR? Save that grind til season 7

I thought there was gonna be a reward past JR. Since JR was never updated and was available like 1 week after the season started. I was wrong.

I thought the same. The reasoning was I truly believed that everyone was going to get Ty Lue by the end of the season

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You guys should pool MT and winner takes home the pot … just saying

I got JR on 3 accounts lol. Was bored so yea. I did 60k exp yesterday in like 6h

I wonder if there’s anyone that got Lue twice, once from one of those backwards codes and a another from the glitched market.

I have over 200k XP with no Ty Lue. Was literally thinking to myself how pissed I’d be if I finally got into the glitched market and it was him. That’d be harsh.

Well, all those GM cards are basically worthless at this point. At least Lue gives some “edge” for Limited Games. Also Tacko, he’s special coz of his height.

But in general, those GM cards are easily replaceable by cheap cards from the AH.