Has anyone gotten close to GO Giannis yet (2500 cards)?

was watchng the carlos story video where he was about 300 cards away , and was selling all his players to get the collection done

anyone here close to giannis ? or even the PD jr smith

When moments drop I know Carlos will have J.R


yeah for sure, hes been waiting a longg time

anyone on the forums close? im barely at 370 cards, im just grinding domis for the token cards, coz i dont see myself getting too far in…i just want to get kirilenko and then ill be done

No one has Giannis or JR yet. I have been all over collecting the cards that are less than 25k price, people that have ALL the expensive cards will get JR soon. It’s twice as expensive to get the collector level like 1-2 weeks earlier than everyone else.

Problem is, they only release so many cards. We’re usually like if we get 20 affordable cards per week from Moments, Throwbacks, TDIH, etc. So, doing the math, if you are like me and have 110 cards to go for JR, divided by 20 cards, that’s still 5 weeks away. Once you have all the cards you can get from Tokens, FA’s, Domination, etc, you’re relying solely on the cards 2K releases to increase collector level. At this point I’m singularly focused on collector level to be honest.

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I am 100 away from JR…it’s a grind.

61 cards away! Hopefully I’ll have him after another throwback set and if the moments batch is big.

Once I got to C. Webb I sold back 100 cards. Now I’m like 91 away from C. Webb again. A big moments drop (preferably with a lot of cheaper moments too) would get me close to C. Webb again and that much closer to J.R. It’ll probably be April before anyone gets GO Giannis. The game will almost be over.

wait how do you guys do that?

do you guys just buy up collections but not lock them and sell after the threshold is reached?

can you go below the level once you claim the reward?


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Delete this post. Don’t give 2K any ideas for 2K20

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LMAO… So true!

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I was just thinking that… imagine having to lock in the entire binder for the rewards

I wouldn’t have done it. The only thing’s I’ve locked in are NBA '19 and a few Heat Checks to get tokens for PD Timmy, Grant, and Dikembe. I also locked in Anni Set 1 because it got so cheap with the PD codes. CP3 is fun from time to time.