Has anyone got banned for buying mt?

Has anyone got banned for buying mt? I have been contemplating on buying mt instead of vc.

No bans

Not me personally because I don’t buy MT but yes

Ik 2k bans people for buying it, but I am just curious if 2k actually go out their way to ban people.

Someone on here got banned earlier in the year but I know plenty who buy large amounts and have not been banned. It’s a risk so proceed knowing that.


Yes people get banned for buying MT. Buy at your own risk.

I buy in spurts and try not to be obvious. I have not been banned but others have. A google and 2kg search can show you.


I haven’t heard of any bans , and I have sold a few million and also buy. Also other sellers have sold a shit ton more than me and no bans. So They aren’t really banning people this year. Last year they did but mostly for VC glitchers.

Lmao I got banned last year for vc glitching. I don’t wanna talk to 2k support ever again.

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Yah last year I got banned in mid December just after their first ban wave. Then they directed all their attention to VC Glitchers and only banned them for the rest of the year. Guys were even using 100k cards and not getting banned. I got banned for using 40k cards and they got away with using 100k cards after the ban wave for the rest of the year. 2k banned VC Glitchers only for the rest of the year. This year though I haven’t heard of any bans yet. Even looking through the search on here I don’t see any reported bans this year. You are pretty much safe to buy MT this year as long as you don’t post stupid cards for high amounts like bronze/gold/silver cards etc.

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All those bans were in 2k19 though man for mostly VC glitchers. After their first ban wave last year , buyers were selling Ruby cards for 100k and never getting banned for it lol.

Yeah I havent heard of anything for 2k20 yet but it wouldn’t shock me if they start coming for people. I hope not Im trying to run it up Lol

If anyone deserves a ban it’s jusbro for sliding into my DMs sideways. But he didn’t get one so I think everyone’s safe!
Just jokes btw before you report me

Honestly I rather buy mt, cuz how trash the pack odds can be sometimes.

Been playing Myteam since the players popped out of gold boxes.

Always anxious and worried about MT.

Started buying MT last year and the game is just better this way. Period.

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But the thrill of pulling bronze players in 20 straight packs is so amazing and rewarding


Yah Breaking TOS is not recommended. If you do want to be a Bad-Boy though, there is lots of sellers that will sell if you need it. :wink:

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Perhaps I been a bad boy already. Got a god squad in a week lol.

I buy mt, but I don’t ever do large amounts. I get it when it’s dry, no content, mid of the week type stuff

I have been selling MT since 2k18 and I have never had 1 customer tell me they got a ban. I am sure other sellers are the same as long as they don’t get their customers to post stupid things. I have been banned before but 0 customers I have sold to have.

Only a temp 2 week ban and this was years ago. I was buying from a Chinese gold farm instead of private sellers.