Has anyone faced a SF at center?

I decided to play Supermax Pre season games last night and the cheese was alive and real. My first match was against a guy with 97 Paul George at center, PD Kristaps at pf etc… There was not one single play where he didn’t 5 out before he reached half court with Paul George finnesing his way into the paint or a step back 3. If I doubled it was an automatic 3 from PD KP who shot an amazing 7-8 from 3. You would think having Paul George at center would hurt on defense it didn’t this guy was a master of stripping the ball on layups and dunks. He didn’t even attempt blocks. If you were going up for a dunk he quickly reached in every time. I loss by 7 in the end.
Next game I faced PD Giannis at Center, then PD Lebron at Center… Is this the new trend and how do you defend this? Giannis was the hardest to stop by far

People just following what tjerrday does where he cheeses like that. Honestly I think it’s stupid and if your cheesing in preseason you are the definition of trash. Out of 3 games I played this preseason I had only 1 god game the next two consisted of fade away 3s that always went in and 5 out and someone trying to justify it as not being cheese.


You can at least make an argument for Giannis at C since he’s 6’11, he’s actually taller than some real starting centers. But it almost not fair because Giannis can still defend the post and rebound like other centers with his length while being about as quick, good shooting, and good passing as many guards. He’s a mismatch no matter where you play him. LeBron on the other hand is just pure cheddar to play at C since he’s not really sized that way. And the gameplay isn’t designed for someone like Hakeem to have the advantages against him at the 5 that he would in real life, but the things that LeBron can do dribblewise, that Hakeem can’t defend are the more dominant factors in 2K. Unfortunately.

I use Giannis at C all the time. He’s great for my small-ball bench lineup. What @element said.

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I especially love TMac at C.
Why? Just why?

At least giannis actually plays some center irl, but when I play people with PD harden at center it’s ridiculous especially because he snags over my 7-footers lol


This. TJ is a god tier cheeser (been running the same 5 out offense and double teams since last year) but since it’s encouraged it’s what people do now. Best cheesy player at center, run a certain freelance and boom you have 5 out every play regardless of playbook. Jerk, soho, etc all those guys who go into discord with TJ ran that shit for a long time

That’s when learning to master the 2-3 zone comes in handy

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I use him at PF, I just hate the complaining people do with him at C, LOL. It’s a similar effect at PF but people don’t get too salty with it

The top cheesers destroy the zone way worse than man lol they literally want you to play zone

Not when you learn to MASTER the zone. Covering corners is one thing, but acxtually seeing the plays and passes before they happen and iconing with the player to recover and intercept the pass is another. I hate playing cheesers because it ruins the fun of the game, but I rarely lose to them since I’ve learned to play an effective 2-3

Which system are you on?


Have you ever played any of the notable big name cheesers? Like the top 100 PD league sweaters? Just curious what your experiences were like

Yeah all the time. Honestly, the only one I really struggle beating is erickelli.
he runs vince carter at PG and diamond pg-13 at the 2 and for some reason, he hits all of his contested shots on me. I’ve played and beat asiiangod, erickelli, muglegacy, etc. I play tons of 5 out cheesers but those are the only big names that I can remember off the top of my head

Oh and best2kplayer. Im not meaning to talk like im some 2k god because I take my fair share of losses, but I fininshed in pink diamond this round at 17-3 and 2 of the 3 were buzzer beater losses lol

Fuck all that humble shit, everyone else brags so why not mention who you’ve beat? Lol

I agree with you on the zone method. Works 99% of the time, much better than man

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Yeah it’s tough and like you said, some cheesers are better at beating it than othes. Erickelli is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever played. After I beat him, he literally sent me voice recordings saying im fucking trash and got lucky lmao

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lmao beating a cheeser and then getting the hate messages or rage over the mic makes it all worth it in the end. Especially when they talk shit during the game and then eat their words at the end. I’ve never played erickelli but I’m sure he whines just like the rest of the sweaters when they lose

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These top 100 guys usually have no class and no basketball IQ. They just learn the exploits and cheap tactics that are hard or impossible to stop based almost entirely on flaws in the gameplay design. So pathetic…