Has anyone evo’ed Jason Kidd to Diamond/ PD yet?

I’m stoked to make this Evo Jason Kidd my offline grind PG for awhile. The only weakness is the slow shot release but this isn’t a concern for an offline grinder:

I just got him to his 2nd Amy late last night but haven’t yet used him. Has anyone made it to Diamond or beyond? He looks like he’s gonna be a CPU wrecker once we get him to these levels. Can’t wait/ curious what people’s thoughts are that have achieved such excellence.


I’m almost at 2nd amy

Just got him to second amy as well. The requirements for him are so much easier… definitely going to at least diamond with him. 22 hof badges is nice. Only weird thing is he doesn’t get hof floor general which is kinda weird. Beast tho and free.

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I’m grinding through All Time Domination with him now. Have all the East to play and 7 West teams left. Should be able to get a fair bit out of this.

I got him to diamond (working on pink now). Hes an excellent card at diamond, his shot isn’t the greatest but with practice it can be timed. I think hes worth it and the grind isn’t so bad for him compared to others. At pink diamond he could be a top 3 point guard.


I’m at the first Amy, enjoying the card but he doesn’t have a long term position on my team.

The way he stands taking a free throw like he’s 90 with back problems annoys me

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Got him to Diamond and now playing TTO with him. The road to PD is going to be a lot slower but he’s a really good card for TTO at diamond. He register as a sapphire so that’s a plus.

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What are his pink diamond requirements?

I need videos before I take on this boring grind

1,900, pts

900, assists

100, rebs

60, games




actually not bad compared to previous evos


It’s not bad at all, my goal was to get him to diamond and use him for TTO eventually I get him to PD.

Getting him to diamond was easy too, roughly 2k pts 800 assists and 60 steals

KG was the only spotlight I fully evolved all the other ones requirements are OD.

Any suggestions for the best shoes for kidd?

Will hopefully get him to diamond in the next couple of days. Pink diamond looks good. Points requirments are roughly the same as Kareem on every Evo level.

I got mine to diamond today and will try to get him to PD too. This is the first card I’m actively trying to evo other than Ibaka and some easy ones that I felt obligated to evo. I’ve already got Penny so probably shouldn’t be doing it but I was hoping for Kidd to be a GO token reward all this time, so this will have to do instead.

His release is a little slow but his defense and passing is as good as it’s gonna get on a PG plus.he has sauce dribbles. At PD he get’s GO type stats and badging!


I think this is more of a grind compare when i PD’ed my kareem. Rebound ,points and block is easier. I did the offensive rebound and score method with kareem.(i can produce 70 point 40 rebounds in rookie difficulty game).

I dont know whats the best method for kidd. Can anyone share their strategy?

Played some TTO with diamond and he’s an absolute god on defense.
I was most impressed when AI Kidd locked down btb cheeser using GO Nique.
Can only imagine what happens when he gets all those hof badges.

His dribble package is top tier. You can chain the moves automatically and it’s just way too easy to collapse defenses.
Jumpshot is too slow for you to pull up, but moving shot is good.
No issues with catch-shoot after I got used to it.

Perfect two-way playmaker. Won’t get any better than this unless Magic gets 99 lateral and 10 hof defensive badges.
Imo, 100% worth the grind if you want a pass-first point guard.
As someone who used Payton since he got released, I gotta say Diamond JKidd is probably even better. Can’t wait to get PD.


Wait, he doesnt get hof floor gen even at PD?

I forgot whuch badges he gets, but it’s 22 hof at PD.

Yeah I’m loving him as well. His dribble package is way better than I expected and you’re right about his moving shot, it’s almost unguardable off the dribble. Gonna be running him and Penny as my PG’s from now on.