Has anyone bought MT from Starbury?

Seems legit as he has pictures with him buying sapphires and rubies for high prices with his username shown on the console.
He said the only one who bought MT from him in this forum is @Datruekillad.

What do you guys think? Safe to do it?

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I think it will be safe to close application and delete this game


I forget what system you’re on…but I’ll have about 300k in the morning if you’re on Xbox. I was going to complete the PD Giannis set, but even 300k wont get him.

I’m on PS4

Word. Who are you trying to get w the MT?

Well I could have a pretty deadly lineup with some MT. But I’ll see exactly who I’d get.

Buy MT from @bennitez7, he’s legit


I know but I don’t have Paypal or any other stuff like that. So I would like to trade in PSN cards.

@Datruekillad bought from me 2 or 3 days ago too. He seemed to be a very nice guy. We had a great deal. I would believe him if he says that he made a deal with Starbury and everything was fine.

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I have this lineup right now.

I’m thinking I’d try to get Magic for the duo, perfect MJ and PD Bird.
Sounds good?

What would you do with, say 150k MT and this lineup?

I use all the cards you said and they are amazing! I also use pd erving, so if you have enough mt try to buy him too!

With 150k i would do: magic-kobe-lebron-kawhi-duncan/ oladipo-mj-durant-bird-robinson

Height at the bench 2 is probably the spot you need to work on the most, so either put butler at the 2 or oladip at the one and klay at the 2

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Butler is actually a very good suggestion.

You don’t try perfect MJ. He is a monster. Abuse all. Also T-Mac with adidas dunking and rebound shoes true killer.

I had Tmac but sold him for Kobe. I got a bit tired of Tmac. And the way he looks is so ugly. Kobe is pretty cool too. But yeah, I would really like to try out that MJ.

Durant at the 2 is the best player in the game mark my words :ok_hand:

I’m surprised nobody suggested Klay for the duo w/ PD Snake.

He’s is trustworthy form my knowledge, I had a successful trade with him

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Yeah me too. A+ guy.