Has anyone attempted all time Dom yet?

That’s ridiculously lol last year dom I think had a bunch of weak rubies still……only diamond I have is Tj Warren I’ll just wait til I have at least a diamond lineup :sob:

i just need some better PGs. Amy nick van exel single handedly got me through domination last year

Wait so the MT requirement doesn’t work rn?

Yeah. You just have to win the games. I’ve had several games where I only got like 570 MT but still got three stars.

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It works, it just uses the old multipliers internally. For superstar it’s 1.5 instead of showed 1.25. On the other hand we still get the MT calculated with the new values. This game cannot become more greedy…

The final 3 games of all-time dom are super sweaty on next-gen.

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I can’t wait to play the last 3 games, I’m getting ready to beat the Spurs then I’ll have the last 3 which are always my favorite to play, so far neither Dom has been very hard. My record is 62-1 but that “Loss” was one I beat the Hornets in current by a ton and after exiting it gave me a network error and i got the loss. I think my closest game was like 13 points but only a handful haven’t been 25 point or better wins.

magic playbook. put in the play “quick point 2.”

lost to the 76ers twice by a combined 3 points then tried doing it running the above play on occassion. Ive completed the first 15 with all wins by 10+ now. And I dont really run it over and over, its just super effective to get an open look. Have a knockdown shooter at SF for the ball to go to and you’re good


I finally got both Dom’s finished!!! The last 3 games of all time dom are a little harder than the rest of the games but not that hard.


how many tokens do u get for each of the final 3 teams in all time dom?

16 for each game.

What is y’all lineup for all time dom? I have only 1 diamond (Warren) you guys think with him and a few Amy’s is enough to get through them games?

Im almost done getting diamond griffith. Ill have 4 diamonds to go along ibaka, silas, howard and baker. I wanted to fet diamond Richmond but im still 44 tokens away and dont want to wait. Ill use playbooks on above recommendations and i should be good. Running out of things to do on this game . Maybe i should play draft and try for glenn

I think you’re team is plenty goods for all time dom already

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Your good, I only had one diamond for almost all of all time Dom, The rest were amethysts and rubies.

What did you use (playbook)? to beat all time with one diamond player and the rest Amy/rubies?

Magic book… quick point 2 and multiple floppy plays that work great too


I used Rockets play book but didn’t use any set plays, I just got in a 5 out and ran mostly pick and roll or drive to the basket and wait for them to help and kick out for 3 or if they didn’t help take the layup or dunk.

Do you not get added badges in domination? I’m looking at my players cards in game and it’s not showing any applied badges…

Im not using playbooks, i tried but had trouble so waited until i got this squad. Now im destroying skynet.:joy:…im mean the cpu and 11 tokens away from adding mitch to the squad