Has anyone attempted all time Dom yet?

I finished regular Dom but with superstar settings and sick God squads to play llus the 775 minimum mt qualifiers it seems impossible at this stage of the game. Am i wrong?

i dont think the minimum mt reqts works, but only completed 1 all time dom as of now

Yeah play them now the minimum requirement doesn’t work you just have to win the game


I need 5 more tokens to get diamond kyrie. Ill do as soon as i get him. Then ill have 3 diamonds to go with my amy draymond and amy dwight at center. Vin baker off bench along with silas. Yeah, ive been busy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy::joy:

I completed reg Dom and got TJ Warren, but All Time Dom is hard af right now lol. I got bodied one the two games I tried.

They are hard as fc** k if you only have an average team right now you probably have 0 diamonds or pd they normally have atleast 2-3

I finished regular dom and saw their pink diamond teams lol I’m not even gonna bother to sweat out those wins rn😭

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I did one game. Lost by 18. Im good on it lol

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I am currently doing it… 2 words … good luck!

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some teams have galaxy opals or dark matters lol

Completed Current Dom with no issues but have been doing TT Offline n XP agendas for the last few days.

I dont feel the need to rush n do All Time just yet. I’ll probably do it before the end of the season once ive got cards I enjoy grinding sweaty 5min quarter games with!


Im doing exact same thing.

I finished it 5 days ago, except for some teams it’s easy

Respect to y’all for grinding Dom. I can’t handle that level of offline grind :rofl:


Unrelated to OP, but is it even worth doing the evos for Dom? The only rewards are Warren and Pettit if im not mistaken right? I think im just going to go for tokens and do it all without evoing the reward cards.

Just run Give 25 Hawks from the Hawks playbook every possession on offense and play tenacious on ball defense on defense every possession and you will win every game and earn 900 MT or more every game.

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Ok 2k god!:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Pettit is pretty good. Great for TTonline. His jumper is quick. You can put limitless spot up on him as well. Can score in the post. If you need a big I would definitely evo the 12 players. If you are grinding 33 all time Dom games then evo’ing 12 players is rather easy in comparison.

I personally evo’d a lot of them during the all time dom games. I was playing on last gen though so it was easier to just call a pick and roll and score every time. I definitely lost 1 game because I was too focused on xp/evo’s though. They are easy to evo on TT offline. The only harder then usual evo was the ones where you need steals. Depends how comfortable you are getting steals.

I have 6 games left in all time dom and I’ve finished current Dom. I’ve went through it pretty easy so far, The last 3 games could be tough but I’m sure I can beat them.

Only did the first 11 games of regular dom so I could get to All Time dom. It is way more of a challenge, but i kind of like it that way. There are definitely some teams that I haven’t been able to beat, but i’ve taken the approach of only doing 3 or so teams per section, just so i have the option to pick and choose which teams to play. I’ll probably do those spotlight challenges mid way through so i can unlock some better token rewards along the way

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