Has anybody tried Artest?

He looks like the perfect sf to bring off the bench. I’m looking at him Finley or Amy Kawhi.

Might pick him up to guard anyone 1-3.
Defense is elite!

Honestly pretty decent. His release is pretty good and he has good speed, along with defense.

He has defense close to Rodman, but he has so much offense. I picked him for 41k and he is now my starting SF that guards the opponent’s team best offensive player

As a defender he’s the best I’ve had and I have kawhi. His 97 strength is very noticeable. No blow by animations. His shot, once you get used to it, is cash. It does have a weird learning curve though. I start him at the 2. He’s the guy I put on tmac and I put kawhi on Durant

I’m loving artest he fits god squads perfectly because he doesn’t need to score and will end up with 12 points 3-4 boards and 3-4 steals for you with limited touches


Put the diamonds curry lows on him and played 4 games last night. He’s the king of bump steals and runs the fast break like a mad man.

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Wow that’s saying something. I’m running Amy Tatum right now think I’m gonna swap him for Artest.

That artest is an excellent role player if that’s what you need. You will love his defense

Hes my 3&D at the 3. Locks down any 1-3

I think it’s great to have guys like Artest in your lineup. It’s not a waste if he’s not scoring points.

My problem is, the only auctionable guy you could replace on my team would be MJ. No way he’s better than him. Or Pippen maybe but I’ve got a 3PT on mine and he’s light out. I just have to pass on him I think

Jordan doesn’t do it for me. He’s good but I sold mine. There’s tons of cards that could do what he did. I find kawhi to be much better offensively

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Same experience here

Jordan has been elite offensively for me. I do have an open 3PT shoe, I rarely miss the wide open ones. When he gets hot you can really feast with him. I’m just saying, price aside if the question is Artest vs MJ it’s Jordan all the way

Yea I had that shoe on him to. He’s elite don’t get me wrong but on my team he was just another guy. For that role artest is better for me.

I definitely fall into the trap of too many offensive superstars on the floor. 99 Oscar isn’t usually a huge scorer for me (he can be) but is a good defender and great playmaker. But Jordan is usually next to Durant for me and Jordan becomes the slasher and Durant ends up a little bit as the shooting specialist, which he’s really much more than that (obviously). But you need to have threats all over the floor too - can’t have ‘Rodmans’ and 'Russell’s everywhere, elite defenders with limited scoring versatility.

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How is that Oscar. I wish I would have took advantage back when the rare cards weren’t rare.

Yea see when your using Jordan as a main guy then he’s worth the tag. His around the rim game is top notch and if you badge him up fully he is cash from the corner at all times. But on my team I didn’t have that role available for him

He is very good at everything – but not the best in the game at any one thing. I never feel like he shouldn’t be on the floor. He hits his outside shots, gets to the line a lot, doesn’t struggle defending bigger guys (sometimes don’t even need to switch him off LeBron). It’s been nice not having too worry about one of my PG’s all year.

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I figured that’s exactly how he would be. A jack of all trades who just fits into the machine perfectly