Has a card ever been more hyped than pd kobe

Throughout the past couple years I’ve been on these forums… and I’ve never seen one card able to alter the market… have numerous posts that he’s coming… anything like kobe… I’m wondering why tho, I mean yes it’s kobe but why is he so hyped when we have other cards that do exactly what he does and are way cheaper… throw your opinions down below lol

Who gon be the one to buy him at 1mil only to see him dip to 400k?


i dont give A FUCK about kobe CARD i want a PD Melo.


I honestly think this first kobe will be the diamond kobe from last year anyways lol

Curious, what release does kobe have? Its not fast like roy, arenas, kirelenko, granger, hedo etc is it? I tried his rookie sensations card since it was cheap just to feel his release (no homo) and youd think the buzz around him would be less than it is for a release thats not base 11

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PD Kobe?


Pd kobe confirmed for today?


@Cobra4059 I can’t concentrate w ur profile pic starring me in the face. Shhhhhwing!

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They giving PD Kobe the Half Life 3 treatment. Every time you mention him he’s going to get delayed a week.

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@YuBuuBuu is doing most of the hyping


Tmac is easily more hyped than Kobe. Look at the price of his diamond compared to Kobe’s diamond. People sell their left kidneys to afford him.

No im not

Theres been so many kobe threads its annoying now. He’ll come when he comes, ya’ll gonna lose your damn minds waiting for this card. 2k is so fucking unpredictable who the hell knows when he’s coming.

To be fair tmacs diamond had some good hof badges.

HOF limitless is nice, but he still shouldn’t be 150-200k more considering his average defense.

Is kobes release good?

Its very meh


It is awesome.

Hope there will be some good Frobe card though.

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It’s nice and smooth. You can’t get super cheesy with it like base 11, but if you play a more traditional offense, it is very user friendly and easy to green.

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