Harry's NMS Diary 000: Day 1 Plans

Still a fair number of unanswered questions, but this is what I’m thinking is my approximate plan for Day 1, specifically as a No Money Spent player…who did actually spring for the Legend Edition.

1. Open Packs

  • Will have 100,000 VC at the start. Will use it all on MyTeam packs. Do not care at all about MyPlayer.
  • The big question is: which packs? Right now, I’m thinking buy the limit of 3 x Premiere Packs (5 Players Each), and then blow the rest on the Standard Spotlight Wade Packs, of which I think the remaining balance can purchase 9.
  • This will immediately unlock the Auction House, as it’s stated in the Dev Blog that this requires merely collecting 30 cards, with 20 coming immediately in the Starter Pack.
  • So one could just open enough to open AH and then maybe see if examining values gives insight into which Packs to open after that.

2. Play First Spotlight Wade Challenge

  • To me, this should be first PvCPU game played, period. Win one game and get EVO Wade. There’s no other PvCPU “mode” in which you can play one game and get a card, much less a Sapphire. (EVO Wade comes as an EM, may only go to SA unless you buy some Spotlight. And appears Current Dom may reward EVO EM’s that can become SA.)
  • Should be a very useful Day 1 card for PvCPU play. I remember Gold Wade in 2K18 being a stalwart of my early Current Domination lineup.

3. Play Games 2 and 3 in Spotlight Wade Challenge?

  • I believe that the next couple of games will yield reward of a couple low cards from the Spotlight set and that no draw/purchase of any Spotlight cards are necessary to play these. Just get EVO Wade.
  • Depends on which cards these rewards are, and if they’d be useful for Dom or TTOff.

INTERLUDE: Evaluate Cost of Spotlight Wade Set

  • Did I get lucky enough pulls when blowing my VC that I can convert to enough MT to complete the set? I doubt it. Strongly. Massively.
  • But if by some miracle, I can, then I would prioritize finishing this Spotlight Challenge series to get DI Mourning.
  • And then sell back all the valuable Spotlight cards, if this is possible.

4. Check How Hard TTOff Is

  • Play a few games of TTOff to see how feasible it is to win games at a good clip with the cards I have at this point.
  • Seems first handful of games, at least, are at Rookie. So anyone should at least clear first 4 games and get 3 Tokens for an EM Reward Card.
  • If I can win, say, 2/3rds of my games, then I think I’ll grind TTOff until I get to Ruby Darius Miles at 50 Wins.
  • Will also include getting SA Gerald Green…and 15 Tokens, so 5 x Emerald Rewards.
  • Big question is if one can win more than lose, and to what extent.
  • But if one can win at good clip, then one is set up very nicely for Dom.
    • If one bought Legend Edition, then one will have: SA AD, SA Mitchell, SA Wade, SA Gerald Green, RU Miles, 5 x Emeralds…and can limit extent to which one is relying upon Golds drawn in Starter Packs.
    • Not to mention any good cards one drew in Step 1.

5. Try a Run in Unlimited

  • Or whatever the main MT PvP online mode is called.
  • Just play game(s) until I lose a game, to try and get a sense of how matchmaking perhaps works in 2K20.
  • They promised better matchmaking. Maybe one can actually only face comparable teams and, even as a non-elite player, can go 12-0 in the first few days.
  • Obviously, DI Bird should be a really huge prize for first weeks of cycle.

6. Get to the Dom Grind

  • Could come earlier if TTOff and Unlimited do not pan out for me.
  • I don’t think I’ll be trying to leapfrog to PD Kemp. Will just grind straight through.
  • And will be keeping my eye on the AH and trying to gauge when is a good time to sell stuff off. Intend to sell anything auctionable that is a reward from Dom.

That’s not Day 1 plans for me, really. More like First Weekend+ plans. I can maybe steal 2-3 Hours on Thursday night, and then on Friday night, and then maybe same over course of weekend.

I’d expect that it takes me something like 2 months to clear all three Dominations. And maybe longer, if I try to grind to 50 wins in TTOff, and also take a shot at a run or two in Unlimited.

[More discussion on this can also be found on r/NBA2K on Reddit.]

EDIT: Continuing this in next installment HERE.


It appears we have almost exactly the same Day 1 game plan haha. This actually makes me feel a lot better about my approach. Thanks for sharing!


My “Day 1” is only going to be a few hours.

So I hope I can…

  1. Decide on Packs to Pull: improve squad and open AH.
  2. Get EVO Wade
  3. Play a few TTOff games.
  4. Play one or two Unlimited games.

I think a 10 pack box of standard and 3 of the premium packs first.

Then im getting straight into domination. I read that u can get evolution cards from domination so that could also be handy.

But i might sneak in that free emerald wade game. Depending on my luck

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I think if it’s an easy clear, then this has to be priority.

Does the EVO Wade start as an Emerald, or as a Sapphire?

  1. Rip packs with included VC
  2. Sus out the AH and values
  3. Do a few Wade challanges
  4. Grind a low amount of TTOff
  5. Enter the MTU shit storm

Basically the same goals

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If you end pulling a Gold like let’s say Zion from your Starter Pack. Are you selling him since you’re playing near NMS?

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If I pull Zion I’ll be selling instantly, same for any rookies. I’ve done this the last 2yrs with hyped rookies as they always seem to fetch decent amounts untill they get a moments card


Emerald but if he’s like the starter cards he will easily be a Sapphire

Pretty sure u onky have to score a few points in a game for him to evolve so basically a sapphire out the gate i’d say.

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Where you getting 95k vc? Am I high as shit or isn’t it 100k

You get 5k from preordering anyway so the “bonus” for getting legend edition is only 95k

I will open all 100 k in opening seconds hope for the best and go to mtu until I’m 12 and 0, sell every card with good Mt, get that Wade and grind ttoff and domination for a month straight.

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Yeah, in general, I’ll sell stuff that carries a premium.

With two conditions:

  1. Thinking it makes sense to sell at least a few days into the cycle, not in first 1, 2, or even 3 days.
  2. Will carry some premium if it translates to better churning through PvCPU grind. Especially if I feel like values are headed upward for 1-2 weeks.
  3. Big question is values of Spotlight set. If I can complete it, then I’ll sell everything I can, immediately, to prioritize that.
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I didn’t know it stacked

@ItsShake4ndbake tweeted a preview at how TTOff matchmaking works:

Seems like it’s a slot machine to determine cards you face. So should all be totally random games, not clearing through a Division/Conf ladder like in 2K19.

And it looks like one might be apt to run into at least one high-OVR card in ever game?

It’s intimidating. I pray for EQ vs. the CPU…

whats does NMS statnd for lol?
I am in Australia so I will get it before some USA ppl - since i love my miami heat im getting wade right away then doing some TToffline get 3 tokens at least and get either Cousins or Boban :slight_smile: then start some domination - still undecided on my starter pack - im thinking mcgrady but i dont know if his shot release will be money like last year?


The most terrifying CPU GO of all. Magic “Fuck You I get on-ball steals every other possession” Johnson.


No money spent