Hardest player to guard

Which player is hardest for you to guard, is it KD, Harden, Bron or who else?

Anytime i play PD Harden he gives me nightmare, step back 3’s and whatnot.

PD Bron was pretty hard. Even if the guy wasn’t a very skilled player. Bron just forced his way through. And I hate going against Curry. Quick little fucker and hits way too many threes.

That 97 curry is a bitch to guard

PD Giannis- the combination of speed, height, ball control and dunking.

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Earlier in the year, definitely D T-Mac, D (97 OVR) Kobe, and PD Harden.

Now though? PD Giannis, PD LBJ, and 99/98 OVR KD are the 3 main ones that come to mind. Honestly though, one of the biggest sleeper cards that consistently poses major problems to me is fucking Amy Sabonis. The combination of his sheer size and Curry like shooting, always give me problems offensively, defensively, and rebounding wise. If I ever see anyone start that card, I immediately know that I’m going to be I need for one long stressful game of pure 5-Out (where I just can’t play any help D with my Center whatsoever, because that fucker will shoot like 85%+ from 3P).

very true vs amy sabonis if you get blown by you’re fucked

If someone knows how to play in the post Diamond Shaq is unstoppable. I run him off the ben h and routinely drop 20-30 with him even 48 in a game once. His drop step unguardable

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his momentum behind the back or whatever its called is OP try it. a dude i played dropped 30 on me by doing that fast ass move with shaq aftr bringing it up with him

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If someone tries to off ball me I iso with shaq lol mine has speed shoes and his spin lay up is cheese

Everyone with 6+ hof badges.

Too bad it doesn’t work half of the time. I used to drop step the shit out of people with the ruby Shaq, but the diamond is not that consistent…

Mine does. I put up 33 and 28 in back to back games last night against pd drob and KAJ one game and Hakeem and drob the other just drop step after drop step

Maybe you’re just better with the move… Also, don’t you get stripped/blocked after you have already sealed the defender? It drives me nuts- the defender is beaten, out of position and they still manage to stop me.

Lulz, PD Nate Thurmond strongly disagrees with you.

Like 1/10 times if you get the positioning right you end up where the rim will protect the ball when you go up sometimes you don’t even dunk you end up with an animation where you kiss it off the glass and they may get the ball but it is a goal tend. Also try and use the under the basket lay up too if you feel you might get blocked

The problem is that I almost never dunk now… Do you have any vids of you dropstepping? I think I could learn a thing or two.

Not currently but I’m off the next 2 days from work so I’ll see if I can throw something together

Thanks, that would be awesome. I love Shaq, but I my post game deteriorated over the months of Super Max. I’d love to bring it back.

it took me a while to figure it out, but if you want to dunk after a drop step, don’t push the button, you need to HOLD L2, R2, and RS towards the basket to dunk. If you push the button, he’ll do a weak lay up.