Hardens King of L.A


Gimme a moments card bb

That step back on zo tho.

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8-32 from 3 for Lakers a joke and Lonzo shoots best :upside_down_face: :rofl:

Zos a sniper

Lebron needs help again guys

No my bad more playmakers

Luka for Ingram and Hart who says no ?

:raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man: I do , I do

Dude, then Lebron gets help and playmaker, make up your mind lol.

Lebron isn’t the best in the world anymore. He’s looking old. He had a great run but 8 straight finals are catching up

Get Kawhi and butler next off-season free agents or no rings for LeBron as long as the golden state sticks together.

Lol fuck lebron and all his help/playmakers w.e. he still the best player in the game tho I can respect that

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Lmao hater

Is he? I think he gonna coast in far too many games.

Bro I love lebron but it doesn’t take away from the truth. A negative opinion is not ‘hating’ who raised you?


I think so, I’m far from a fan of his but I believe still the best, if not then top 3. KD, AD right there next to him. Once giannis gets a 3 ball hes in there now as well.

If you looked at LeBron and thought he wasn’t the goat off 2 games you’re a hater. No need to get personal with how I was raised.

He is one of the goats. Currently his play is still at a top 5 level, but he isn’t the best player in the world currently. He’s looking tired and his shot isn’t improving. You got personal when you called me a ‘hater’ based off an observation, which really does call into question about your mindset.

He is hands down the best player in the world right now and 90% would agree