As much as gameplay sucks with the EQ, let’s all remember what truly broke this game mode. Hardengate single handedly fucked up the entire auction house. While it made harden the most affordable pink diamond by a large margin, it gave many users millions on MT that they are still sitting on to this day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I just graduated college in may, so I was still taking classes in February. Somehow I graduated without ever having Friday classes, and this year was no different. Too bad it was the Friday before Mardi Gras, and I decided to be an alcoholic with the boys. I’ll never forget the rage I had as I sat in the airport watching everyone open PD hardens. I immediately called my roommate who couldn’t even figure out how to open a pack, let alone snipe a harden for 100k.

One of my closer friends who couldnt afford the trip was able to pull 30 PD hardens for less than $100. Due to fear of being banned, he has taken his time selling them. He made a little over 8 million Mt total, and he doesn’t even play the game much. He just happened to be home. He finally finished selling his MT for 1500 and that paid for his senior trip to southeast Asia.

He’s one of many who raked in actual $$$ from this.

At that point is it even a video game?


Lol u just mad cos u missed out. Don’t worry I missed out too and vowed to move on. I stopped playing 2k on PS4 and xbox, bought a switch and I carry it around with me wherever. I’m more prepared now. Next time 2k. Next time

LOL that your casual friend could make $1500 from a glitch tells me two things:

  • 2K is an extremely bad company to have such a thing happen
  • The spending on this game is out of control

Wait… So your roommate couldn’t figure out how to open a pack and went to college? XD

Yeah the glitches we had this year are so fucking sad. I emailed 2ksupport couple times about this hardengate, and didn’t even get a single valuable response. I was about to quit. The only reason I still play is I bought a PD harden for 280K, and used the remaining MT to open packs and got PD Kyrie.

Yeah originally i was #saltbae but ive come to terms with it. Paid for a sick vacation with me and the squad so im happy for him. But to what @element said it speaks to how a casual gamer could make 1500 due to microtransactions. The next week I didn’t miss diamond shaq lol

Well now we have Barongate.

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There’s alot of differences that will make the impact so much weaker. 2k said harden would be a limited release, resulting in his 2M Mt price tag. He then flooded 80% of packs.

Baron isn’t limited, and still doesnt have a price since I don’t think the first auction is over.

Ironically the price will be determined by people who are rich from hardengate lol

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