Harden sweepstakes

Let’s see how this plays out. He is getting shipped by Tuesday or so (new season+ can not extend contract by then anymore).

Supposedly Raptors (Siakam) and Celtics (Jaylen) in the mix among other team.

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Oh gimme siakam baby

You would take Siakam over Jaylen?

If i am the Rockets and Celtics offer me Brown for Harden, i’d do it in a heartbeat.

??? what

Yes, you would take jaylen right?

He obviously doesn’t want to be in Houston anymore. Brown is a young, talented shooting guard.

i feel like you could get simmons or siakam who at this point are more talented

Siakam is nice too. Simmons and Wall aren’t a great fit together.

For one we would have very few quality sg/sf. While we already got Wood and to a lesser degree Cousins, also Jaylen for me is far more talented and also gets paid less.

The thing with Simmons is that while he is Uber talented with him and Wall the fit is quite terrible not to mention Simmons could request trade to LA sooner or latter too.

i don’t see why the raptors would trade siakam. Not that Harden isn’t worth it, but does that Raptors team make sense if you take out Siakam and add in Harden? Are they a title contender?

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Didn’t jaylen lock Siakim up last playoff series? And I don’t want harden over jaylen personally.

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you don’t want harden over siakam? or are you saying over brown?

Yah but Ainge might be feeling like Nets gonna murk everyone and wants to go deep with this kind of move.

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Over brown I’m a Cs fan

I’m a Cs fan too. I love Jaylen, but I would trade for Harden in a heartbeat. Harden would be a perfect on that team. Our offense gets very stagnant when Kemba isn’t on the floor and idk how healthy he’s gonna be this season.

Jaylen > Siakam
Both as a player and a fit imo.
Wall, Gordon/House, Jaylen, Wood, and Boogie would be a pretty solid lineup.

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To me I’d just hope he’s motivated to win if he comes here and I don’t think the strip club scene is necessarily popping up here so idk how he’d feel. He certainly wouldn’t be given the freedom he had in Houston.

Ya i understand that aspect of your concern. I just think if you get an opportunity to trade for a top 5 player and perennial MVP locked up for more than a year, you have to take it.