Harden is abusing Curry 🤕

Honestly we can actually see how bad Curry’s defense is now compared to other NBA guards. He has been demolished all game. I know he’s short and up against great scorers but even Cp3 put him on skates. He’s bbq chicken on defense folks.

I would actually say he plays really well, he didnt give a single easy shot to Harden, Harden is just draining them.

Hardens hasn’t been much better. You don’t need to put him on skates you just need to drive right or left, your choice really.

that’s not much of a secret. believe it or not his defense has improved lol. just not his game. and too be fair it’s not like Hardens a bum lots of guys have problems with him. guys one of the best on the league.

You can’t judge someones defense when they guard the best 1-on-1 player in the league


Yeah I know Harden is one of the most talented guards in the league but he’s barely missing anything. He’s making every shot he takes on curry with ease. Other guards such as John Wall, Jrue Holiday, Russel Westbrook etc would have done much better against Harden than how Curry’s defending.

Steph heard you with that steal lol. now he’s going to.go out and get abused some more haha

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Actually you can see, that Curry aint 100% with lateral quickness yet, also on attack.

Damn, now a good steal :smiley:

nice steal, good defense :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Curry Clamps

Of course he has 85 def stat in our fav game


haha defense isn’t his game just like it’s not hardens. but when you score like these guys people don’t seem to care haha

Yes you can. He’s being destroyed as I said. From what I’ve seen tonight he’s not a good defender. I don’t think he would be able to guard any offensively talented player in the league such as Kyrie, Westbrook, Dame, Wall. I don’t think he can shut down anyone, he should definitely be hidden on defense. They better not let Klay go they need him to guard whoever’s cooking Curry.

And I’m a fan of curry lol just speaking from what I’ve saw. Sooo many times teams choose him and pick on him in pick and roll or iso situations. The same way that’s some teams do Melo

True lol… that steal was nice

I mean who else are you gonna choose? :smiley: Klay, Iggy, Dray or Durant?

im not saying he’s a great defender… far from it. He’s also one of the best scorers in the league. He’s no Tony Allen. but if I had my choice id roll with Curry over Allen everyday all day just sayin

Yeah he’s a top 3 scorer in the League. Just hope he works on his defense tho. Kinda tough to watch him getting picked on like that

Lol damn those are all elite defensive players. Kerr and the warriors gm are geniuses

Lol yeah. the only thing that makes me feel better is seeing the whole Houston team not be able to.guard Durant. just give that man the ball, hit up on the left stick and hit square or pull back on the right stick and let go. my goodness!

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