Harden had something to say and so did Wall

Wall replied “it’s tough when some teammates dont involve themselves”

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Harden wants out he would probably get traded this off season or mid season.

I want James to twolves

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Lmao imagining Harden stuck in Minnesota


I wonder who wants James when you see the type of Mindset he has…

Any team would love to have Harden. Imagine what he’d be capable of in a free flowing offence and then mix in a bit of his iso ball

A team without a FP. Idk what Towns would think if Harden went to the Wolves

That’s assuming harden would commit and buy into a free flowing offense.

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Trade him to the Knicks


That would actually be awesome.
Harden can do what he wants.
Knicks are a playoff team every year and sell a shit ton of tickets.
Never win a championship or make it out of the 2nd round, but that’ll be enough for both parties.


and trust me, there are loads of strips and clubs in New York lmao

He may even come across Kyrie in some

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I pray Harden leaves and the team does better without him. Heck, I would love to see a play-off series between Harden on his new team against the Rockets just to prove what everyone has been saying for years.


Win - Win Situation lmao :rofl:

I’m not against harden, but I’d be interested in seeing what wall can do surrounding by 3 and D players

Harden needs to accept that he’s Carmelo Anthony of this generation and stop chasing a ring. The reports say he’s more disciplined about women than about practicing, so maybe he should thank the lucky starts he was able to make the NBA while only devoting part of himself. You want to win? Practice like Kobe. Until then, STFU and enjoy the millions and the titties.

What’s the worst is that if he always gave only 50%, seeing where he currently is, he could have been the GOAT without any problem if he had fought 100% all career long

Harden can win if he plays with other superstar ,
He almost beat the warriors with KD along CP… if he gets a KD , Giannis ,AD Or LBJ he would be immediately a contender on a team like that

idk why rockets keep trying the partner him with another point guard and make him gives up the ball

iso or not his best position is clearly point guard and he needs a good big (which they already have in woods) and 3&D guys…secondary scorer that can handle the ball and play offball would be nice, such as beal/CJ but john wall is clearly not the answer

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Miami or Philadelphia if you don’t get those alternatives it’s better to stay in my opinion if he wants a championship.

I don’t like to absolutely shit on other teams, but this Rockets situation is baaaaaad. HOU didn’t even try really in these last 2 games against the Lakers and Harden looked turrible. Like turrible turrible. John Wall ain’t it either. They look like the worst team in the league this last week.