Harden grind!

Really don’t want to do the harden grind. Anyone keen to do it for me? Don’t have the time as I’m still working. :joy:

What system are you on?


Hit up @1gakki.

(PS4) 2K20 Dom+Ttoff+Spotlight+Evo Services

IF you would have been Xbox I would’ve linked you to the glitch/exploit for Spotlight Sims. Us PS4 guys are just fucked. Lol


I might chill til they actually announce what this harden for. I grinded like 6 today I think and I’m exhausted.


I am steady as they go with them, my only worry is if you need him for a timed challenge that only lasts like 48 hours for something good.

And to think I got 23 cards left at least 46-48 hours

I advise you all to grind it fast because if they announce that Harden is needed for example a GO Kobe every normal card price will skyrocket. Like when the Spotlight Sim started and bronze Hawks player was like 8-10k a piece

If so I’m gonna be saving cards up right now. I gotta enough cards needed already bc lots are locked so this will be a good idea for me