Harden going off

Harden at 44 points so far!!

Another diamond??

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No chance

He has that look in his eyes lol

Almost a trip dub

My Lakers :sob:

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44pts 11ast 9 reb

Trip dub!

Going to the line

50 point trip dub he gets another card damnit


I hate this ref, too many easy fouls


Pink diamond ?

50 pt triple double … I can see it happening


95 diamond with 2 hof badges and a broken jumpshot.

It probably will be a PD, people gonna shoot with him off screens 3’s like crazy

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I doubt they would drop after a similar performance to his last. He also only shot 4/12 tomight from 3 so if we do see a card it could have even worse shooting stats than the last

He had that looooook in his eyes!!!lol

PD? Posterizer+clutch performance RIP market

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99 draw foul Hof posterizer

Hof flex after poster

H-Town :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

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If it was LeBron he would have shot a three in the last possession

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Harden is the MVP

LeBron is all about stats and losing in the Finals

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