Harden Finally

Big shout out to B_Rabbit for grinding out my last 3 sets for me. Was well over it towards the end and decided to ask someone to help out. Big vouch for him as I believe I was his first customer?


Congrats man. How long did it take u?

Yeah you were the first and it was a very easy transaction. Appreciate it :+1:t3:

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Minus the last 3 I got B_Rabbit to do, about 2 and a half hours each. Was just over it in the end, lol. So guess about 60 hours spread out over a few weeks, hospital visits for my son and wife nagging, haha. Would have had it done last week was otherwise.


Hope your family is doing ok man

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All good my man, and thanks. Son is 14 with low functioning autism and been taking him in trying to get to bottom of his meltdowns and headbanging/distress. Pretty sure just puberty, but had MRIs, X-rays and other tests done just to eliminate everything else as he’s non-verbal and can’t tell us if he’s in pain or not. All clear but Neurology putting him under again to do a Lumbar Puncture this week to eliminate some more things. Lol, sorry for long rant on a 2K forum​:sunglasses::beers:


He’s in my prayers man