Hardaway + 2 klays up 35 minutes no bids, markets down

Not a market post

no bids at all is a surprise

these odds are too good or what?

Sm is too bad lol

They’ll be bin tonight. Wait on it

Saw 2 klays with bids above 160k , then pulled 2 more and instantly put them up

no bids at all sadly

i thought my 240k MT spent didnt go in vain but this market indicates it did

i wont let snipers win tho :slight_smile:

Tought i sniped a klay for 100k,good thing it sold for 100k fast

My Klay has no bids with 50 minutes left. Might have to BIN him already. BIN’d a PD Day for 90 earlier.

About 3 BIN on xbox

3 Klay’s ended at 100k about 15 seconds ago. Time for BIN.

First klay sold for 100k,

hardaway currently at 123k :frowning:
one more klay left

at this point idk if good pulls from packs are even worth the MT for the packs

I don’t even bother anymore. I rather spend the $20 on MT and just buy the player I want

You need to pull a diamond in like 15-20% of packs to break even.

I’m not even close