Happy Fathers Day Opal Bol and His PD Daddy plus others on TTO boards


There’s the new cards that were added yesterday that will be a part of this, anyone else other than the bols?

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The Barry’s the currys the nances, the rivers

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Could also have the Waltons but Luke just has his ruby.

Could have sabonis, Thompson’s, hardaways


Damontis is not Arvydas son…oh shit just googled it! I never knew that!!!


He is his son as far as I know. Just checked his Wikipedia page too.

Did you guys know you can control which player is which icon in TTO of they are the same height? If you’re running players the same height, the person on the lineup screen to the left will be the ‘pg’.

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Man sucks that this is up when I’m away for the weekend. At least when I get back Sunday night I only have one game left for Bird.

Best third man if running GOAT Bird and GO LBJ? Was thinking glitched Giannis or Embiid, but the new AK looks fun even though I’d be a little undersized

Edit: Nevermind just saw AK still doesn’t have HZH, even on gold. That’s honestly why I think everyone hated his shot so much, the green window is significantly smaller without that badge. Especially on a card with every hotzone.

Kawhi is LeBron’s daddy right?


I think its based off position if height is the same, with ball control determining the “PG” if they’re also the same position. Don’t know that to be a fact just what I notice

I assumed there was a system like that too but when my lineup screen was Kareem/Lucas/Bird in game Lucas was the 1, Bird the 2 and Kareem the 3.

When I switched it up so that the lineup screen was Bird/Lucas/Kareem then Bird was the 1, Lucas the 2 and Kareem obviously the 3.

It changed depending on position of the cards, no coach or shoe change so no attributes different either to the other way round.

It’s delonte west actually


Good one :joy:

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I’m a big Bron fan, but I couldn’t moss the opportunity

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last year was based on left most if players were the same height. this year its position then left most. was particularly annoyed at the start of the year when I couldn’t play bb bird at the 1

Ah cool so if same height and position then you can control which one is where.

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60 games this morning. Didn’t see a single card. Complaining here usually changes my luck so here it is lol.

Also faced Kareem in 1 out of every 3 games.


Just got jon barry on a 1 ball reward after completing the whole board 3 times lol, worth the time 100%

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