Happy Birthday to Meeee!

It’s actually tomorrow, but, having my son pull packs for me while I watch from work via FaceTime, his third single pack pull was…

Yes, another blurry pic but I don’t caaaaare…lol.
I have over 400K MT so say hello to Scottie Pip and either Timmy or Grant as my first PD Reward.
Now all I gotta do is learn how to play this damn game.:sob::sob:


Happy birthday (tomorrow)!

Your son can pull packs for me anytime he wants lol. Nice pull and Happy Birthday!

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Congrats and Happy birthday…but I think that your son is having all of the fun.

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Happy birthday broski ! Dope :cherries: on top !

Hahaa…Thanks…yeah I may need to hire him. He pulled PD Blake and Dia Oscar the other day for me.:sunglasses:

Last sentence made me smile :grin: HB!

Awesome dude happy bday!