Halloween collection?

There’s a Halloween collection in the Premium section, though it doesn’t have any cards added yet. Hmmm . . . Speculation?

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They’ll add them either later today or tomorrow before the packs drop.

There should be reward packs in the token marlet at some point today, no?

That Halloween collection has actually been in the premium section for a few weeks, so there really isn’t any clear indication that it’s dropping tomorrow


Thanks, I didn’t notice it until today.

Yeah I saw it earlier in September. No idea why it’s already in there. I think it was even there before Rookie Sensations came out. Doesn’t make much sense.

What in the world would be the way to have a Halloween theme? Great performances on October 31st?

Or maybe “scary” players for various reasons?

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Scary looking players. Ruby Dan Issel. PD Manute Bol. Diamond Dennis Rodman, Ruby Dennis Schroder

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It would be super fucked-up if the Halloween Collection were, like…

  • Gheorghe Muresan
  • Sam Cassell
  • Tyrone Hill

Maybe it’ll be like how Madden does their Halloween promo?

Scary fast - fastest players
Scary tall - tallest players
Scary strong etc


That’s too genius for 2k :sob:


That would be the most amazing-disrespectful thing :joy::joy::joy:

Like players looking like monsters

Last year it was ‘Matchup Nightmare’. With Yao as the reward.

My girlfriend said she would start playing MyTeam if they made all the players zombies. lol


Monstars cross-promotion for Space Jam 2:

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Opal Monstars

Could be like last years collection of the mismatch players

I’m hoping for an amethyst Porzingis.

Are you sure you saw it in September? I haven never seen it, not even earlier today.

It’s gonna be “Scary Terry” Rozier :joy: