Hakeem for Cousins ? LineUp included

Hey guys , after I’ve pulled another GO out of a single Pack I’ve edited my lineup like this.

Ive started late into 2K this year so I wasn’t able to get the rewards Hakeem who I really wanted for my team. With the new TB Hakeem i‘m Just double minded if he really worth the MT and upgrade to boogie !? Cause Boogie is just fire :fire:

Depending on the opposite lineup I’m switching boogie to the 5 and Giannis to the 4.

Suggestions ?

Wait for Friday, possible GO Kareem and whatnot.

Hakeem is not an upgrade. Keep Boogie.

Hey bro.
Line up is really good.

I suggest selling Nash for MT
before he goes down completely

Something BIG will come this friday,
Expect for a big market crash

Also Expect for GO’s to Flow

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Thank you for your advice bro, might to it after I’m getting home from work. <3

No Problem bro!
Congrats Again on the Pull :innocent:


thank you !


I would play boogie at the 4 and get rid of porzingis if you want to grab hakeem. I had diamond porzi for a while and he just did not feel good to me, maybe you have had a different experience.

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just pickNfade with him and GG

I would keep Boogieb brother and sell your recent pulls for MT as they will surely drop as @LuckyKid previously stated , buy them back if you wish when they drop

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Yup Boogie is Really Good :innocent:

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