Ha-Ha Funny Joke

2k: We capitalized on our players and added position locks to monetize on it
EA: What took you so long?

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WTF is this


OK? Since EA does it it’s okay that 2k does it? Wait until we get the “unlocked” promo


Lol genius nobody here plays NBA Live

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Had that same promo cross my mind last night. It’ll be here by the end of May.

Where my 6’8 Chris Paul


Damn all these basketball games have whored themselves out to pure trash.

Won’t be buying 2k next year

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Well EA is doing that since 5 years now

It aint ok but they gotta get their bag ig

I collected all softlaunch cards in season 1, here’s a part of it. All this cards or most of them are already out of position. This bosh for example was usually a center i game and so on


Looks like we got ourselves a 2K employee post. Nice.

Jk but actually tho we know that EA did it first. 2K just went to another level though imo. they ignore us too often and release these packs with bad odds


I’m with you, if we’re talking about a startup or mom n pop shop, but this is a huge billion dollar company. At what point is it enough? Making billions isn’t it? It’s gotta be trillions? Every year HAS to make more money than the last no matter the price of quality?

Glad you don’t run anything in this world. Keep staying at home typing like the rest of us.


Welcome to capitalism.

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Hmm… Yes 2K did use position locks to make money. Many of us said this as soon as position locks were announced. It’s gone exactly the way we’ve thought it would.

What’s EA got to do with this? Nobody plays Live because it doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s so bad even EA knows they can’t bother to release it. And everybody already knows how scummy EA is.

This is classic whataboutism and a piss poor exercise in basic logic.


Live exists in the mobile form.

Oh, that’s pretty hilarious. I meant consoles but sure. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if anyone plays it lol…

It’s your typical pay to win mobile game. I think we need a strong NBA Live console game or any kind of competition. Otherwise 2K will exploit their monopoly just like they’re doing it right not.


I totally agree. The lack of competition enables 2K to be as shitty as they want to.

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