Guys sleeping on that walker card

At pd he basically looks like p mil, a copy of him and I seen all your guys hype about him, and his evo isn’t too crazy other than the 40 games



I went on a MUT COIN pack suicide today and damn did I lose


yeah copped one for 15k earlier looks like a card that can do it all at the 3/4

I did that on these packs, got 3 diamonds in 200k worth of mt, I have like 400k left but was a little disappointed in my outcome lol

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Antoine Walker?


He’s pretty good. Just tried him. Might evo this.

Oh thanks. cant seem to find his evo in 2kmtcentral data

He’s a glitchy god even without speed boosting. Cant imagine how he will be at PD when he can speed boost.

got added late I think but he gets some good upgrades all around (SWB, Defense, +10 3 ball) and some good badges (gold RE, some more HOFS)

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Thanks man. Diamond Walker last year is nice too.

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Are you playing 2K20 now?

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No bro. But I haven’t bought the game. But helping my friend with his line up.

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He looks nice especially with HOF hot zone hunter I pulled him in a single might have to evo him.

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Hof hot zone hunter is nice

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Cant play with Antoine MrBrick Walker …

“Helping” his friend …

“Yea just go ahead and give me your name and password, and I am happy to grind for ya,” says Lucky to his friend who he knows is never gonna actually want to play anyway.


Hahaha lmao bro.
Actually I’m preparing for 2K21


Evolved he’s a top 5 sf maybe top 3 with only Bird and Giannis clearly ahead of him.

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Not sure Bird is clearly better. It’s pretty close