Guys opinion? Galaxy Buds?

To I got a $50 Samsung gift card that I need to use. I don’t even have a Samsung, so I liked at the Galaxy Buds. Fully wireless like airpods and have cool features like them to. They’re in ear also. Has anyone tried them? I’ve been on andoid for 11 years but all airpods features work on Android now too.

Anyone try both of one? Also how did Buds work on other Android phones like the pixel.

Relatively similar to AirPods, main difference is it takes slightly longer and is more of a process to pair them. Comparable for sure.

Galaxy buds are more secure in the ear and have less a tendency to fall put depending what you’re using them for and doing right enough.

Galaxy opal buds. Gets equalized and dont work when you listen to shitty music


Seems like the move for $80. Thanks guys.

I was doing a TON of research for wireless earbuds last year.

I have a note 8, so galaxy buds were the first choice.

but PERSONALLY, they didn’t fit in my ears.

I went with airpods and have absolutely no regrets

If you have an Android

Airpods + AirBattery App = iPhone featured Airpods

That > any other wireless earbud in terms of simpleness

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