Guys, Looking for a shooter, anyone tried Mullin?

I remember in 2k16 his shot was absolutely money, but how is he this year? I have havlicek but his size really limits him, anyone got any other recomendations?

I tried out mullin for a couple of games. He had a real smooth release and I got green lights a lot with him. I sold him though because he was coming off of my bench and I didnt want a guy worth 70k coming off of my bench. But he can play the 2 or the 3 and he is money from 3.

I’m one of the few that locked in Chris Paul, and as a result I have the Mullin card. I tried him out last night and geez he’s a shooter. That release is too damn smooth and he hits so many contested 3s. But I still have a grant hill with diamond red kyries so I’ll use Mullin if I need more shooting power, but grant is still my backup SF shooter.

Michael Redd is 10K and looks very good if you can stand mediocre defense…!

He’s on my bench :slight_smile: Plus I need someone who can defend as well, Can’t start Redd with all these Godsquads in Supermax

Is he a good defendeer?

Do you on-ball or off-ball?

Both, On-ball to stop theblowby, off-ball if theres a non shooting big

If you on-ball, he’s solid at 6’7 with 95 lateral quickness and 97 shot contest. I feel like he’s a better than Hav because of his height. And I feel like he’s a better shooter too. But a bit pricey.

Hes in my price range man, n i think imma pick him up, thanks man

When I played big c richy he put up like 25 with mullin, if he gets hot he makes all the damn pull up limitless 3s it’s annoying

I had Mullin opening day of that promo and dropped him soon-after as I was not happy with what I was experiencing.

I recently decided to lock CP3, so re-obtained Mullin. I feel like they tweaked his release. He is performing much better and is a very reliable sniper now. My first run he missed several WIDE OPEN 3s and I had enough.

At this point if you don’t have at least 2 DeepRangeDeadEye and Limitless range HoF guys on the floor, you are really hurting yourself. Its getting to the point where you need at least 3 on the floor at all times.

I really felt that HoF limitless was lowering down my 3pt effeciency, cause when I had booker, all i did was take dumb shots, but with havlicek i took smart and open shots, I hope mullin is good, gonna buy him next round, but for now, I’m done with supermax, Got into PD Finally after 38 games

there is certainly a dumb shot effect for some with those badges. They become ridiculously helpful on slightly long threes when the badge kicks in. Shots from just over the center line are just a bad idea. Even if you are doing it to get the rebounds, you run the risk of forcing that player to be cold. Some cards have a tough time shaking that cold icon…

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Great release. Probably the best, most consistent pure shooter I’ve used this year. I eventually sold him though because I am running out of roster space and realized that for me Vince Carter is nearly his equal in 3pt shooting, plus he gives so much more in terms of athleticism and defense (and I have him locked in).

Is that Vince still solid? I’m looking to move Kobe, who can’t hit a 3 to save his life, but the bids usually end around 250k, which means I’d probably need to move more MT.

Vince is great. At first I was disappointed because he wasn’t throwing down nasty dunks on everyone like I expected (and his emerald card had been a beast for me - animations/tendencies seem different for the diamond), but he’s a great 3 point sniper once you get used to his release.