Guy tried to sub glitch me.. advice

Some guy tried to do it to me I recorded the video do I report him or be nice and just leave it alone


One less turd floating in the toilet

He’s trying to cheat don’t feel bad

Hahaha idk why I laughed so hard at this


Aye g got a lil sympathy

He had no sympathy for you tho


Maybe message him and say quit doing it or you will send the video in. Then based on his response, you have the choice to do it or not.

Messages turned off and friend requests I jus reported him to 2k support.

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Yeah report his bum ass. What happens when you report a subglitcher? Do they return the points? Compensate you?

Yeah I wonder that too if they give vc or mt away that’d be crazy

Let us know what happens. Glad you reported him. Bad sportsmanship has no place in the game.
This morning played someone who started TO and 5 second penalty griefing when he was down big in the 4th.

Normally I just roll with it but this time I got on the mic to talk at length at how “cool” his handle was. How I wish I could have thought of such an awesome, menacing handle to make me seem super badass too. How I was going to change mine in homage, to something like MegaDeadlyXecutioner or something similar like that.

Then he played the game out.


They gave me 20k vc…