Guy livestreaming NBA 2K21 MyTeam on Twitch right now for those who are interested!

4000 cards for Tatum tf

Thank you man!
I love the new 2K Graphic

This dude has literally the whole community in his Chat. But only 10 followers. And he ain’t even plugging his channel lol. Weird how twitch works.

Wish I had 2k early :frowning:

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Bro this guy doesn’t even know how to work myteam. kinda hilarious man haha

They had melo shaq ai forgot the other one for starters

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And KG

Nice KG thanks!

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DWade too

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Thank guys, personally I’d go with melo :joy:

The dame challenge gives us a hof badge for dropping 50 with dame I think. Mans just showed it

I’m excited and hyped :joy:

HOF Badge + Diamond shoe

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Bruh the exchange kinda wild, 65 ass shoes for 1 diamond shoe pack lol. I think cards arent going to be that cheap with this shit.

I don’t know how but the token cards got even worse.

Yea, they’re updating it every 6 weeks though. I’m not gonna unlock anything above like sapphire/ruby until then or even like season 3 depending what the update is.

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Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

Same. Only redeeming Spurs cards since there seems to be a lot in the lower tiers, but I’m not moving after ruby.

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stop the stream cause people we’re spamming cocks in the chat lol